Black Widow

Black Widow ★★★★

I get it that it probably isn't the most well made movie in the MCU, I know it has flaws and that my positive opinion of the movie is controversial, but it resonated with me for very personal reasons and I would gladly die on this hill. beside my subjective reasons, the main cast was excellent and I loved how they made the new characters. but the main reason I liked it is that this was such a female-centric movie. similarly to Captain Marvel, but it was better handled here in my opinion. the fight scenes felt more visceral than in any other MCU movie, most of the time they were just very messy and the hits had more impact as the characters were often depicted in pain. I don't remember flinching in slight disgust during any other MCU movie and I kind of appreciated how uncomfortable it made me feel at times. the willingness of these characters to inflict pain upon themselves was also kind of fresh and felt like a more humanistic approach. the post-credit scene left me very hyped for what's coming next!

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