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  • Project Wolf Hunting

    Project Wolf Hunting

    This could have been the Mona Lisa of gore actioners, the Starry Night of exploitation romps, the Birth of Venus of South Korean genre flicks. And you know what? It really, really tries to be. The concept is pure gold, an opportunity to go leaner and meaner than ever before, but like a child with too many toys at hand's reach, the director loses his focus and the film is swamped down in clumsy flashbacks and horrifically ill-timed exposition dumps.…

  • Hunt



    The best version of the sprawling espionage action thriller you could ask for if what you're really into is plot and shootouts. Very solid direction, with incredibly immersive set pieces and a relentless, propulsive pace. There is no space for human emotions however, which might leave some audience members wanting more. The idea of having three distinct parties converging toward a single target in the climax works wonders. Magnetic performances from both lead actors. A very, very strong directorial debut.

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  • Carter


    Jung Byung-gil unleashed.

    Forget narrative, forget drama, forget melodrama. You have complaints about the dialogues and the script? You clicked the wrong thumbnail, mate.

    Free from the pretense of developing a character-driven story, Jung has free reins to create a purely sensory cinematic ride. The opening 20 minutes will weed out those among the audience who do not wish to take part in the experience. Exit emotions, enter sensations. Your appreciation of the film will therefore entirely depend on whether…

  • Alienoid


    Aliens, robot warriors, 14th century magic, spaceships, and time travel... You could not come up with a more intriguing combination of tropes to get me to watch a summer blockbuster. Director Choi Dong-hoon makes a thunderous comeback with an appropriately chaotic, spellbinding, confusing, and energetic film.

    Stretched over two temporalities, the story is not overly complicated, but feels unnecessarily complex at times. Thankfully, the excellent cast and Choi's talent for narrative fluidity propel the story forward at breakneck pace, and the director offers audiences multiple spectacular action set pieces the likes of which we had never seen in Korean cinema.

    Full review: filmexposure.ch/2022/08/23/alienoid-enter-the-korean-sci-fi-blockbuster/