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  • Fear X

    Fear X


    Time seems to stretch and space seems to contract as you walk through any of the eight gigantic steel toruses that make up Richard Serra's astonishing "The Matter of Time" at the Guggenheim Bilbao. The sheer size of each juxtaposed with the narrow walkways make it almost impossible to truly appreciate the dimensions that you traverse. Disembodied voices and fragmented footsteps of fellow patrons serve to disorientate both spatially and temporally. You can never make out the end of the…

  • Paprika



    Then, that makes you a dream movie star

    If we are to accept that there are such things as geniuses in this world, as those who have innate extraordinary level of imagination and creativity, then Susumu Hirasawa is without a doubt one who fits that description the most. Ever since he launched the melancholic assault on the psyche known as Guts, he has gone on to introduce audiences to the most oneiric music ever made, most of them set to…

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  • Babylon


    The guy in front of me was watching reruns of world news events on a 7.5 hr flight what a psychopath

  • Round About Midnight

    Round About Midnight


    真夜中 (Mayonaka, /midnight/) is a really beautiful word I think. One of my recently-discovered favourite songs also has mayonaka in the title, and carries the same feeling within it. There’s something about the word that perfectly encapsulates why I love this film, and films like it. Ma/ yo /naka. True / night /middle. There’s a comfort in limbo here, even freedom. A certain edge, but that of an old, dull knife. Not useless, but no michelin-star chef’s tool. The last…

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  • Gintama: The Very Final

    Gintama: The Very Final


    Whoda thunk it. That a series which started as a gag manga based on spoofs and poop jokes, introduced random characters and contrived situations over dozens of episodes purely for the sake of an elaborate pun at the end, that based entire backstories solely to whip out an esoteric reference, would somehow against all odds tie every character and situation together in an actual, affecting narrative in an honest-to-god professional feature film - and still have a poop joke front and center (great to hear DOES again, one last time).

    But I guess that's what the yorozuya have always been about.

    Abayo, you useless good-for-nothings.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Better review than mine that explains more or less the same grievances I had

    Honestly thought that I wanted to write a lot about why this was so painfully unwatchable but then I came to the conclusion that I am probably not rhetorically skilled enough to accurately represent my feelings on this one without coming off as sanctimonious since its so beloved by so many, so I apologize in advance and here are some interviews with the directors that really…