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This review may contain spoilers.

Knives Out manages to be both a celebration of the whodunnit genre, while also being subversive and parodic in really compelling ways.

I was really nervous 25 minutes in when the mystery was explained away, but what came after was phenomenal. Even finding out who "did it" so early on wasn't enough to derail this masterfully executed film.

Daniel Craig gives a memorable performance (maybe his best from what I've seen?) as Detective Benoit Blanc. Craig plays Blanc as a provocative and mysterious figure at times, while also managing to play him as a hyperbolic parody of the Poirot-esque detective we've all become so accustomed to. I know the doughnut thing didn't work for everyone, but I was 100% on board.

If it's not the best movie of 2019, Knives Out is certainly the best 2019 movie. It brazenly takes on contemporary political issues while condemning both sides for their usage of Marta as a political pawn. The running gag about no one in the family knowing where Marta and her family are from is very funny, but also speaks a lot to who these people are and where there priorities lie. It also has a great Get Out moment where Richard quotes Hamilton and talks about how great it is. The family interactions are like a living, breathing Facebook feed.

It's about family, it's about immigration and racism of all degrees, it's about politics and Thanksgiving and money and it's also an absolute blast to watch it all unfold.

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