“I am not the Zodiac. And if I were, I certainly wouldn't tell you.”

The Good:
Honestly, Zodiac is one of the most gripping crime films I’ve ever seen. The way the film is structured really gives the film a natural and well-paced flow. 

Every single performance in Zodiac is really stellar Jake Gyllenhaal is obviously wonderful and it was really refreshing to see Mark Ruffolo and Robert Downey Jr.; they all knocked it out of the park in these dynamic roles.

There are some things about the style of David Fincher that annoy me but overall he’s a really talented director. His style worked in this film really well; I honestly think his style meshes best with crime stories.

I think that the story of the Zodiac killer, but more importantly, the way it’s presented in this film is truly fascinating. It takes the typical true crime formula and gives it a fresh new coat of paint.

I really admire how Zodiac sees each side of the case and doesn’t try and sugarcoat anything about anyone giving us some new fresh themes and deeper insight.

The Bad:
I really wasn’t a fan of the editing in Zodiac, it was far to reliant on fades and often cut conversations short. I found it to be really unnecessary and annoying.

The thing I disliked most about Zodiac was the poorly composed and overbearing score that absolutely plagued the film.

Fun Fact:
The only real that Robert Graysmith said about the finished screenplay was, "God, now I see why my wife divorced me."

Would Recommend!

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