Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Don’t take the ring, Laura. 

I would encourage people to watch all of Twin Peaks just to get to this. Fire Walk With Me is the culmination of Lynch’s brilliant career. It’s homegrown, strange, gut-wrenching, and profoundly beautiful in the most operatic way. It’s a story about a girl beloved by an entire town, but really known and understood by no one… not really, crying out for help. Lynch and Lee capture the entire spectrum of teenage emotion when affected by trauma with such nuance and terror, that watching it and comparing it to the two previous seasons you begin to wonder if you really truly understood the dynamics of the town. Sure, we’ve heard anecdotes and hearsay from other characters but seeing it is another experience. 

That final twenty minutes affects me more than any sequence in cinema.

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