Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai

"This is the nature of war: By protecting others, you save yourselves. If you only think of yourself, you'll only destroy yourself."

The Good:
There is a reason Akira Kurosawa's name is uttered when one talks about the best directors of all time. He crafts scenes with breathtaking camerawork, exquisite framing and absolutely perfect blocking. The depth and geography of the frame is also so seamlessly perfect. 

Seven Samurai has a genuinely perfect script. The way the story moves along is so natural and never feels tiring. The plot is perfectly structured, yet it never feels predictable. 

Every single performance is really solid. They fit perfectly with Kurosawa’s cartoonish movement. Even though this movement is unrealistic, it never comprises the emotion because of the fantastic monologues.

Seven Samurai is absolutely gorgeous looking film, the lighting and cinematography is awe-inspiring. The beautiful lush lighting with the pouring rain as a backdrop was fantastic.

The Bad:
My only nitpick is some very clunky editing throughout.

Fun Fact:
Akira Kurosawa's ancestors were samurai, about up to 100 years before he made this film.

Would Recommend!

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