Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

“Not everything is fleeting. Some feelings are deep”

More 2019 catch up brought me to Céline Sciamma’s meticulous romance. Portrait of a Lady on Fire was one of the first tickets I attempted to get when I went to TIFF but it unfortunately wasn’t playing the time I was there so needless to say I was ecstatic to see the screener.

While emotionally battering and hard to break the deal in terms of relatability — mostly do to the near invisible plot and little dialogue — Sciamma still managed to bring these characters and environment to life with the gorgeous images and thematic resonance within the picture. It’s haunting, beautiful, and cold in the best way possible.

The real stunner here — aside from the impeccable direction, cinematography, and production design — is the performances. Having seen nothing from either of our lead actors I was nervous; but once they first interacted my nerves left in a moment. While wonderful apart the absolute chemistry between the two is electric. It doesn’t ever feel rehearsed or like they’re feeding lines. 

Would Recommend!

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