Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage

Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage ★★½

Fred Durst: “One of those days feelin like a shovel!”
This documentary: “Fred Durst is responsible for the Capitol insurrection.”

Boomer and gen x liberals will literally blame any pop culture for Trump instead of go to therapy.

This could’ve been a better doc if it would’ve focused on the failures on the part of the promoters and programmers. The disastrous decision to expect “peace and love” from a nu-metal music festival? That’s your fucking bad, dude.

And the sexual assault and harassment stuff is absolutely horrifying and disgusting, but it’s crazy-irresponsible for these folks to pretend like this doesn’t happen at other music festivals. There’s literally a talking head that says “If you look back at the records from the original Woodstock, there were only 10 reports of sexual assault!” And then at the end, a stat pops up at thats 8 sexual assaults were reported at Woodstock 99, it is believed countless more went unreported. So what, do these people think 100s of similar instances weren’t reported during the 69 festival? Get real!

Stupid and misguided in its agenda, but I’d be lying if it said a majority of this documentary wasn’t really entertaining.

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