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"Happy Christmas, Harry"

"Happy Christmas, Ron"

this movie will forever be lodged in the back of my brain for some reason...

The Lost Valentine

The Lost Valentine


An all-time FAVORITE!

Inspired me to start my writing career and quit cosmetology school the first time I saw it... which then inspired me to get my associate in Creative Writing.

Also, isn't everyone a little gay for Jennifer Love Hewitt? Just me? Okay.

beyonce??? beyonce??!! meme but instead it's zendaya??? zendaya!!!!??

Liked reviews

“i cried more during marley and me than when my grandma died.” - one of my teachers

they say “schedule” but pronounce it “shed-yool” at least 18 times in this movie

jake gyllenhaal better sleep with one eye open tonight

wow nick robinson does such a convincing job of playing shia labeouf