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This review may contain spoilers.

Mike : *shoots Sollozzo and McCluskey and then ran away*
Borat, offscreen : "Great success"

Tell that bro Francis Ford Coppola that he did a great fucking job.

Kinda glad that I finally watch this after so many recommendations, the reason why I finally did it because I need to watch "The Godfather Part II" so I could finish my task to watch David Fincher's favorite movies that im trying to do rn. I know you guys probably watch some horror flicks today aka 31st October, but tbh I think im done with horrors this october and probably watching horror again in november. But today, I guess I made a nice move by watching this movie. But speaking of "The Godfather", those guys really mean it when they said this movie is excellent, ay? Its so great indeed I almost cant believe it. No wonder why its so phenomenal.

I love how Michael Corleone started as an "easy-going and nice personality" kind of dude and at the end he turned into more sadistic version of Vito Corleone aka his own dad. Thats like one of the best character development in films ngl. Well, you guys probably already know that. You guys probably agree that Marlon Brando change the history of acting in this movie, which is probably true. I really like his character and tbh if Vito is your comfort character, I couldnt disagree with that.

The thing that I like the most is when Vito died in a nice way. I mean look at him, sure he probably did a lot of bad things in the past but tbh, after all the wise things he do and said, I think he really deserved that ending. Too bad Mike turn into a total **shole after his father died, I hope he got some lessons in the sequels, but as you know, I have no idea...

Of course this movie would be shorter if that bastard aint bombed Apollonia. It would have even been shorter if Mike aint fall in love with her, I mean shouldnt he stay loyal with Kay. Dont get me wrong, I like them both as a couple but tbh I just dont see how Apollonia is a better girl than Kay like people said cause I think Apollonia needs to be developted more so I could think otherwise. I think that is my only problem with this movie but its not actually a problem tbh, its just my hot take. Theres only like very little bad things in this movie. I have a thoughts that there are no such thing called perfect movie because everyone must have been did some mistakes in their life. But in this case, the flaws doesnt make the movie less good.

I think Michael Corleone is still the most interesting characters because as I said before, he had the best development in this movie. Maybe this one is a little bit off, but seeing Mike reminds me of one of my favorite characters in films, Max Rockatansky (Man, I really need to stop comparing other movies with Mad Max'es, I dont know why I love that franchise so much). Mike and Max are pretty much had a same moral and same tragedy, but Max is just the worst version of Mike in terms of subject and circumstances. I think im just gonna talk about these two more if im actually rewatch the first Mad Max movie, or maybe I dont do it cause I think its just my mind thinking nonsense.

So the point of all of these is that 'The Godfather' is a great frickin movie. Yeah, you guys know that. No wonder it got 4.6 on letterboxd. Really wish I could watch the sequels when I got free time again.

Woah, I think this is a really long review. So as usual, correct me if im wrong. Thank you all!!

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