The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project ★★★★

I last saw the The Blair Witch Project when I was 12 and thought it was shitty and not at all scary.

I've spent a decade thinking it was lame but on this rewatch this film actually creeped me out. When the characters were filming, I was looking into the shadows and darkness, scared I'd see something there. I just know that after I turn off the hallway light tonight, I'll be running up the stairs as fast as I can until I get to my bedroom.

I'm very impressed that this has held up so well. I recently watched Paranormal Activity and said that, though I was kept interested throughout, I didn't find it remotely creepy. But The Blair Witch Project was not only well-made for its small budget, it had me scared along with the three characters.

Even though the start of the film tells you that they were never found again, you're still rooting for Heather, Mike, and Josh to get through the woods and get home, which is quite impressive.

This is one of the first really popular "found footage" films and it's still better than many of the others I've seen since then.

So I'm impressed.

I have no idea if this'll hold up for me on repeat viewings.

But 12 year old me was wrong.