Halloween ★★★★★

Film #15 in my 2016 Hoop-tober (3.0) list

Halloween is a suspenseful masterpiece and I could watch it every day and never tire of it.

The score is famous for a reason - it is often said that the music can make or break a movie, and this is most definitely an example of the former. The first time I saw Halloween I already felt the suspense begin to build in the opening credits due to that genius score.

The camerawork and quality of film make this movie seem much higher budget than it actually was - Carpenter directs this with the confidence of someone who really knows his craft.

I hadn't watched Halloween in a while and this time around I was truly surprised at how creepy the stalking scenes really were; a standout is Myers in his car slowing down to follow young boy Tommy who is walking home alone from school. Nothing is overt in this scene, just the mere suggestion of kidnapping, abuse, and murder is enough to make the scene unbearably tense.

Another surprise is how shocking and unpleasant Annie's murder is even today; the quiet brutality, Annie's fruitless, panicked struggle without a hint of dialogue, the simplicity of it really drives home how utterly pitiless and unfeeling Michael Myers really is.

I feel like these two scenes are a prime example of how the sequels and remakes really miss what makes this movie so great, which is the build up of tension rather than the focus on the murders themselves. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some of the other movies, and have happily marathoned this whole franchise, but the original Halloween is on a whole other level.

Glad I rewatched this for Hoop-Tober. I would recommend this movie to absolutely everyone.

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