Once I dreamed of being a filmmaker. Now I just write reviews of them that no one reads. That's life I guess.

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  • Godzilla: Final Wars
  • Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
  • The Last Temptation of Christ
  • O.J.: Made in America

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  • Return of the Ape Man

  • Hearts and Minds

  • Old San Francisco

  • Bob le Flambeur

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  • Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Bebop Dream

    Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Bebop Dream

    M*A*S*Hin Sentai Kiramager Episode Guide

    1. The War From Space! The Five Guardians of Peace
    Original airdate: 3/29/1982
    When the planet Crystalina falls before the interstellar War Futility Zone, lead by the evil Flagg Führer, Princess Mobashima flees to their next target, Earth. Landing in Korea at M*A*S*H unit 4077, she finds five individuals both worthy and willing to become M*A*S*Hin Sentai Kiramager and defend Earth against the invaders. They must learn their abilities and to fight as a team…

  • Ebirah, Horror of the Deep

    Ebirah, Horror of the Deep


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    What is the best movie to be featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000? Doubtless all the films riffed have more defenders now than they did back in the ‘90s, and I’m sure there are those who would sincerely say Manos: The Hands of Fate. The people on the show have always spoken fondly of the Russo-Finnish epics they did. Well, I’m no liberal commie Ruskie lover like Mike Nelson. I have no hesitation in declaring it Godzilla vs. The Sea…

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  • Return of the Ape Man

    Return of the Ape Man

    Monogram: LMAO y’all thought we meant that Ape Man? 😂 fohhhh

  • Old San Francisco

    Old San Francisco

    Silent Film holds many joys and wonders for the curious cinephile.

    If you want to see the marvelous technical heights they could reach, a smorgasbord of visual delights that still stun today, then I can’t recommend Metropolis enough. 

    If you want a poetic ode to the human spirit, something to rekindle your belief in the power of love, then promptly seek out Sunrise: A Tale of Two Humans.

    But if you just want to see Angelo Rossitto in yellowface then you should certainty check out Old San Francisco.

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  • Anna


    LUC BESSON: Oh-ho, the Americans, they have no taste for originality. It’s sequel this, reboot that.
    FRENCH CRITIC: Yes, Hollywood runs around like headless chickens, throwing everything they can into audiences’ faces, “you loved this before, you will love it again, no?”
    LUC BESSON: Exactly. We French invented the motion picture, and it is we who shall shepherd it through this dark time. My new film breaks new ground, offering something never seen before. It is about this woman. She’s…

  • Billy Madison

    Billy Madison


    I would be remiss if I let Women’s History Month pass without talking about my favorite movie directed by a woman, Tamra Davies’ Billy Madison. Now you might assume I’m making some sexist joke, claiming my fav female directed film be a critically reviled crude comedy, but I am being completely serious. Billy Madison is a masterpiece, a comedy far above anything by Chaplin or Tati.

    One thing I don’t think many people understand is that this is a parody…