Gerald's Game

Gerald's Game ★★★


Surprised to find out that this is based on a whole book (and quite a hefty one at that) by King and not on a short story, as it feels like a half hour short that was reeeeally stretched to last four times as much. The set-up is interesting in that you are made to wonder how King (and Flanagan) has fleshed it out, but after a short while you realise it doesnt really have anywhere to go and the child abuse thread feels very awkwardly tacked on. 

Cugino has to pretty much carry the film and does so with a very committed performance (not so sure about Greenwood) and the “degloving” scene is pretty gross, albeit in a good way for a film that aspires to be a horror film but which, in truth, it is not; it's actually a fairytale for adults and the ending is not as weak as people say it is in that, among other things, it serves the women empowerment angle that the film heavily leans towards.

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