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  • Raja Harishchandra

    Raja Harishchandra

    Evolution of Indian cinema challenge

    [Early 1910s]

    Early 1910s is when Indian cinema took its first prominent step. Before there were only some efforts in creating documentaries of live performances. Shree Pundalik released during 1912 was supposed to be first full-length Indian film, but it is still matter of dispute considering British involvement in its production.

    Raja Harishchandra released after it is said to be first true indigenously produced work of Indian cinema. Created by Phalke who is recognised as…

  • Outrage Coda

    Outrage Coda

    Takeshi Kitano ranked

    Kitano has always been in a complicated relationship with violence. He had even stated that he finds violence horrifying, so much so that he can't help being intrigued by it.

    Outrage Coda seems like Kitano's final attempt to settle his inner conflict with violence. Not just about completing Outrage trilogy. But connected to whole of yakuza universe he has built all these years, knowing he may not make yakuza films anymore. Kitano is playing Otomo as usual…

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  • Satantango



    20 Dark films challenge

    [Film #16 from Hungary]

    If you can't decide whether to watch this film or not. Read along.

    1) Is it worth it to give away seven hours of my day to a film?
    2) How productive is it to stare at a screen for seven hours?
    3) Why watch a film which makes me more tired & depressed?
    4) What worth will this film add to my life?

    If you have any of the above questions in…

  • Close-Up



    20 Documentary films challenge

    [Film #20 from Iran]

    This film contains elements which may push cinephile in you into self-reflective realm. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Close-Up has no such warning note at the start. So this is informing to those who are yet to be part of this great experiment. Be prepared for the moment when you meet the master cinephile Hossain Sabzian. The mad genius who was so consumed in art that he would impersonate its creator. A viewer's…