Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★★★

I've seen this twice (just finished the second viewing at time of writing) and both times I walked away moved and emotional. I can't agree with much of the complaints here on Letterboxd, and I don't expect everyone to love this, and apparently the author is involved in some stuff I don't care to care about. All that to say, this film is emotional and thematically rich to me and my wife.

What I see in Where The Crawdads Sing is a moving tale of a resilient girl and the relationships that form her, especially her relationship with the marsh. The cinematography by Polly Morgan is beautiful and captures the marsh in the manner Delia Owens artfully wrote it.

None of this would matter without the powerful performance of Daisy Edgar-Jones. Daisy brings Kya's innocence, selflessness and heart to life in a way that moves me, breaks my heart, and compels me to be better. In the trailer Diasy was not my Kya but she immediately became Kya in her performance.
This is accompanied by Taylor John Smith, David Strathairn and especially Michael Hyatt and Sterling Macer Jr. who brought characters to a life in a way I didn't know was possible.

A few summers ago my wife and I sat in a hammock every day as our hearts were captured, broken, and healed by the story of Kya. Years later Daisy Edgar-Jones and Olivia Newman have done it again.

My wife joined me for this podcast episode on The Basement Binge. It was largely outside her comfort zone and it made for one of my favorite episodes even if for personal memories alone. You can listen wherever you find your podcasts.

At my wives frequent requests we did see this again tonight (worth it) and you can expect those briefs thoughts later.

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