Ratatouille ★★★★½

And the answer to the Up vs Ratatouille debate is... neither. They’re incomparable. But if one thing’s for certain they’re both unrelenting parables of the value in staying true to your dreams with a little bit of Pixar magic.

You’re a rat that wants to cook? Simply utilise a technique whereby you can do so via a man’s ginger hair and learn that you can’t do it alone. You’re an old man who never felt like he never fulfilled his childhood dreams? Just utilise thousands of balloons and fly there in your house only to realise that the real fulfilment was everything that happened along the way.

That’s the beauty of Pixar, it takes brilliant, juxtaposing concepts and turns them into valuable fables. Every single one using that Shakespearean Romeo & Juliet narrative device to bring two polar opposites together to prove a valuable point.

Change is nature, Dad. The part that we can influence. And it starts when we decide.

Anyone can cook!

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