The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums ★★★★

"That's the last time you put a knife in me!"

After watching Bottle Rocket and Rushmore in all their greatness, I decided to check out Anderson's third go and it did not disappoint.

While story-wise The Royal Tenenbaums is not as great as some of Anderson's other films, the characters are some of the most memorable. The film does not center on a protagonist but rather the family as a whole, and spends equal amounts of time on each member of the family. Each character has there own weakness's that they must overcome and the film shows their own individual arcs perfectly while weaving it in with the overall story.

This is Wes's first film where you really see the Andersonian style emerge. While bits and pieces are found in Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, it is very prevalent here. The style works, and compliments the overall story well. The music as always is fantastic. Performances all around were great. It is slightly sad that we never see Stiller in an Anderson film again, but that might just be me.

My only two problems are that the story is not as defined as his other films and a certain character's depression came out of nowhere and was jarring.

Overall, a great experience.

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