Rushmore ★★★★½

"I like your nurse's uniform, guy."

Rushmore, the unconventional story of love and the fight to become the alpha-male.

Watching this close after Bottle Rocket I can very obviously see an improvement from his last film, which was already great.

First things first, this movie is fucking hilarious. The way Anderson does visual comedy is un-reviled among filmmakers and is one of the only directors that can make me laugh alone in my room at 2:00am. The story well written as well, never slowing down and always being intriguing. The characters are relatable, and you fall in love with them almost instantly. The music suits this film well.

The only complaints I have with this film is that the editing could have been much better. Often times there are continuity errors between shots that take you out of the film. The sound mixing a couple times throughout the film is slightly wonky but never to bad.

Overall, probably my second favorite Anderson film.


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