mother! ★★★★

I honestly cannot remember the last time a film has made be think as much as mother! is right now.

The film is disturbing, very disturbing. Although, it has a point. It has a message. The films allegory of religion and society overall works very well, and I enjoyed it. While it gets gratuitous towards the end, I don't think the message could have been conveyed better than Aronofsky did here.

Jennifer Lawrence does incredible, easily her best performance. Almost everyone else does great too. Kristen Wiig cameos at the end and she just seemed out of place.

My main problem with mother! is that the 1st act and the 3rd seem to be completely unrelated, almost like it was decided at some point during filming that they wanted to tell a different story. But I kind of loved the disconnect? I am very decided on how I feel about this film, as you can clearly see.

I've never been so conflicted on a movie before, and I am having a hard time rating it. I'm going to leave it at 3.5 right now but that could change. Watch this if you want I do not even know at this point

EDIT: Just changed my rating to 4/5. After thinking on this film for some more time I've realized that i truly enjoyed it. The metaphors to the bible, creation, humanity and society are so smart and I absolutely loved it.

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