Moonlight ★★★★½

i. Little ii. Chiron iii. Black

Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins, shows the story of a black man named Chiron through 3 distinct and powerful moments of his life.
Moonlight is god damn excellent. You can truly tell everyone working on this had an emotional connection to this project. The acting is wonderful, all three Chiron's do excellent. Mahershala Ali does fucking phenomenal and it's a shame we don't see him past the first act. The three individual stories are all intriguing and independent yet weave themselves perfectly into the overarching story.
Onto the production of the film. The color palette, holy shit. Blue is a very prominent color throughout this film. Blue is almost its own character. The color grading is perfect, really makes everything pop. The cinematography is fantastic most of the time, some of the handheld stuff could have been done better but it does not detract from any of the scenes. And finally the editing, for the most part, is rock solid. There are a couple points where a character will say something and it will be a shot of the actor not moving their mouth. While this is intentional and I see what they were trying to do I don't think it really worked.

Overall, go see this fucking movie