It ★★

I came into "It" not knowing what to expect. I had heard such polarizing opinions from everybody and I did not know if I was going to like it. I can safely say now that "It" is one of the worst films I have watched this year.

A couple things I enjoyed about the film. The first 10 minutes were genuinely great, I had high hopes for the movie. I enjoyed the comedy quite a bit, no joke fell flat however there was some out of place humor. The majority of the child actors did pretty well with what they were given, especially Finn Wolfhard. I also thought that the internal conflict that Bev had with her father was genuinely scary and well done.

Now on to the rough stuff. Something I really hope they learn for part 2 is that loud noises are not scary. As HP1 stated in his video on It "loud noises are startling, not scary". The first act of the movie goes no where in plot. All the kids have had run-ins with Pennywise but it does not seem to effect there personality until they get to the haunted house. The score tells the audience what to feel which makes everything feel obvious and ham-fisted. The CGI is mediocre and takes you out of the film. "It" did not know what it wanted to be. So it became a bad rip off of Stranger Things with a less compelling cast and a clown.

"It" is being over hyped. I would not recommend this film.

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