Inception ★★★★

Finally getting around to watching this and holy mind-fuck.

At its core this film is an exploration of the human mind, it's limits, and it's capabilities. Nolan explores this in such an intricate way you start to think it is not fiction, and Nolan is an actual dream hopper.
If you follow my reviews on here I have only seen one Nolan film, Dunkirk (I have seen The Dark Knight but it has been so long I do not like rating it). And personally I thought Dunkirk was hot garbage despite the fantastic reviews it got. A friend of mine recommended this however I was hesitant because of my opinions on Dunkirk. Boy am I glad I watched this movie. There is not one under-performer in this film. The standouts are Tom Hardy Joseph Gorden-Levitt and, of course, Leonardo DeFuckingCaprio. The writing is also fantastic. When you have such a bizarre concept like "Dream Hoppers", it is really, really, easy to make dialogue sound cheesy and make the film much less serious than it want's to be. All the dialogue in this movie is so grounded, which adds to the realism of the film. The actual narrative story is extremely well done.

All in all in this was a great watch and highly recommend to anyone

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