Shame ★★★★

What can I say about Steve McQueen's film, Shame. I think it's my favorite film of this authors that I have seen so far!

Like 12 Years a Slave, Shame is a beautiful looking piece of art. I say art because you can tell this film is directed by not just a filmmaker but an artist. You can tell that every frame in this film has been cleverly thought out, to convey the emotion that the characters are feeling in the shot. I especially love the wide shots, that just shows Brandon (Fassbender) staring off into the distance. I love how Steve McQueen isn't afraid to just hold a shot, allowing us the audience to connect to the subject on screen.

Steve McQueen is a true filmmaker because he doesn't spoon feed us the information through explanatory dialogue, witch so many filmmaker fall into the trap of doing. Steve McQueen doesn't treat the audience as Idiots, he lets his audience figure out what's going on underneath, rather than just telling them. He's a true filmmaker in the sense as he lets the camera tell the story. McQueen shows, doesn't tell. That's the whole point of a film.

The stand-out actor in this film is of course Michael Fassbender, who plays Brandon who is battling with a sex addiction. At the beginning I wasn't sure if I was gonna empathise with this guy who is addicted to getting laid. But as the film goes on you realise that this guy really is suffering from an addiction, he doesn't want to be like this. This is down to the brilliantly layered performance Fassbender gives. I think If you swapped him out with an actor of a lower calibre, the film wouldn't work. It's amazing the level of emotions Fassbender can portray in just a look!

The other stand-out Performance from this film is given by Carey Mulligan, who plays Brandon's sister Sissy. She comes and Interrupts Brandon's dark life. I'm a huge fan of Carey Mulligan I think shes outstanding in anything she's in and she doesn't disappoint in this, shes brilliant. Sissy is equally as messed up as her brother, she constantly craves dependence, showing up to her brother's for him to fill in that void. But Brandon is to self centered to see this, he only see's her as an annoyance.
The thing that is sad is that if both of them gave each other the time of day, they could help each other deal with their problems.
It is clear that they come from a troubled upbringing.

One of the many things I enjoyed about this film, is that we are never told anything about their troubled past. I think this is extremely refreshing, as it allows the audience to come up with their own backstory, which is great audience participation; which I think films should be like. Makes it far more engaging.

Overall I very much enjoyed this film. I would definitely recommend it.