RRR ★★★★½

Summer scavenger hunt prompt 25: Watch a film that is over 3 hours

Went into this expecting it to be overrated but I was very wrong. The amount of work and dedication to make a film that has this large of a scale is incredibly admirable. The film is so incredibly larger-than-life but in the best way possible. The CGI (especially for the animals) looks really bad. I would be more forgiving of it if the movie didn’t have a budget of 5.5 billion INR but it’s only a small issue. Just like similar long films like Love Exposure and Seven Samurai is that the pacing is so well done that you barely feel the runtime despite the giant length of the movie. 

The over the top style of Tollywood films lends its self so perfectly to the action in this film which is some of the best i’ve seen. Each action set-piece so wildly different from each other to the point that every time a new one would start I would get excited to see what they would do differently and they knocked it out the park every time.

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