Zodiac ★★★★

Ever noticed how dumb the men in Fincher's films can be?

Gyllenhaal going down to that basement.
Craig walking into the killer's house.
Timberlake with all that coke.
And...Ben Affleck.

Meanwhile, women are always prepared, efficient and smart. Fincher is our guy, ladies.

Even the lesser Fincher, which this is for me, is still so good. It's a fantastic movie but it never felt as perfected as Gone Girl and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo did. It felt as if Fincher wanted to do a mini series and then used the footage he had to make a movie out of it. The cast is doing such a wonderful job, though. I want to take a moment to praise Anthony Edwards' lovely and gentle performance which I never see mentioned anywhere. And Brian Cox is here! L to the OG!

Look at this movie's box office. People truly don't deserve the master's films.

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