Venom ★★★½

Is this film an absolute trashfire that is completely carried, rescued and redeemed by Hardy's insanely entertaining and relentlessly adorable performance? Yes.
Have I just watched it for the 4th freaking time? Yes.
Is it waaaay more memorable than most of MCU and DCEU? Yes.
Do Eddie and Venom have waaaay more chemistry than most of the couples in MCU and DCEU? Yes.
Is the lobster tank scene one of the most iconic movie moments in history? Yes.
Should Tom Hardy be in all the films out there? YES.
Am I psyched for the sequel? OH MY FUCKING GOD I AM. Can you imagine Harrelson and Hardy doing press together? It's gonna be amazing.

Also Hardy's delivery of the words "up. my. ass" is one of the greatest things ever.

btw the system of not watching ANYTHING sucked + I am doing better progress with studying than I anticipated so I am watching half a movie a day now. If I start before midnight and finish after 1AM I can watch it in full because technically that's two days #lifehacks #whydoIdothosethingstomyself

And there was literally 0% chance of me not watching it right away as soon as I realized Netflix added it. They also added Eastern Promises. I have studying to do. How dare you tempt me with Viggo's penis, Netflix. What's next? You're gonna add Dunkirk and have a still of wet Harry as the image on the front page? No. I will resist. I have not watched Watermelon Sugar video since May 21st in order to preserve at least some of my focus and brain cells until June 26th. YOU. WILL. NOT. BREAK. ME.

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