Malignant ★½

Giallo my ass! The resources and praise Wan is getting should be going to Mike Flanagan, the best mainstream horror director we have. No amount of money can hide the fact Wan can't create interesting protagonists or make his films into something other than silly camp. Without Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson or Jason Momoa breathing life into his creations all there is left is an expensive playground for a man with horrendous taste and emotional maturity of a teenage boy.

Don't believe the "shocking" and "surprising" hype, you can see the twist coming from a mile away. Granted it's a bit different, but all it is is a dumber version of one of the most common twists in history. The way this thing is edited with no regard for pacing or letting big revelations breathe while Joseph Bishara"s ridiculously dramatic score plays in the background is hilarious.

Wan's visual flair is present, unfortunately so is Annabelle Wallis' signature lack of charisma, The results of Wan hiring awful actors and being unable to direct them to watchable performances are evident in each of his movies with the exception of The Conjuring films (he insisted on hiring a piece of garbage in a red wig for Aquaman so that tainted the otherwise beautifully cast film). What a shame Maddie Hasson wasn't cast as the lead instead.

WB, your shit is approaching Netflix's levels.

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