Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★

Zack Snyder is brilliant when it comes to casting and visuals but those things alone can't sustain a movie.This is a man who thought Atlantean language should be "clicks and squeaks". Not even Jason Momoa would look badass clicking and squeaking like an idiot underwater. Snyder has all the ingredients for great movies but his storyline/world-building ideas are comically bad. And it's all so cluttered, the man is unable to make a compromise, it's like he has to film every single idea that pops into his head. There are several movies in this one, separately they could work, but together? It's just a tiresome, bombastic mess. Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons are terrific here and if this movie only focused on Batman, with the charming introduction to Wonder Woman, with the right script it could be something great. I always thought the whole "Batman doesn't kill" thing was dumb so I really liked the violent, unforgiving version of Batman here. But you throw Baby Hands Sad Superman, boring politics, some disgruntled dude's revenge plan and all sorts of ugly, otherworldly nonsense in the mix and it's a disaster.

It really is such a shame because DCEU has better visuals, music, characters and casting than MCU does but they gave the keys to the kingdom to Snyder and now it's still recovering from that. And inexplicably back-paddling at the same time too - let's just pray this man's Justice League won't yet again catapult this franchise to the status of laughingstock it was through all of 2016 and most of 2017. I am sure the whole Knightmare segment will be lots of fun, though. Why not just make standalone movie about it? There's so much wasted potential in DCEU, it drives me insane.

Me sitting through Ultimate Edition of this, which is 180 minutes long, pretty much just for Diana should tell you how much I'm looking forward to Wonder Woman 1984.

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