Arachnophobia ★★★½

Whenever I hear/read that someone has not seen Gone Girl, the only movie I watch twice in the row sometimes and an absolute masterpiece, I'm just horrified and I immediately try to get this person to watch it. Logan is such person but he is also a crafty bitch (oh, he is gonna love Gone Girl) so he told me he will watch it if I watch this one. And since I'm lovely, super sweet and I'm just trying to help him, I agreed.

I won't seek the answers to the question why Logan used his power to make me watch a movie about spiders because I'm too afraid to ask. But what I'm not afraid of is spiders, only the truly nightmarish things like going to the dentist or dying alone frighten me. Still, this was a fun movie. The beginning felt like Jurassic Park with spiders and then the story moved to the suburbs. By the way, how did this chick not figure out something freaky is going on just from the size of that web? I was rooting for every cat and dog to escape and it's always great to see Jeff Daniels and John Goodman in a movie.

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