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  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  • Bullet Train
  • Barbarian
  • The Menu

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  • Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves


  • Page Eight


  • The Deep End of the Ocean


  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


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  • Evil Dead Rise

    Evil Dead Rise

    Here comes the fake plastic looking CGI train, fuck what a downgrade.
    Why not just let Fede Álvarez do his thing again!? Biggest disappointment in a long time.

    What's with the editing? It's almost like they were too afraid of actually showing anything. Jumpcut after jumpcut, into the most closeup of all closeups, makes you lose track of what's even happening half the time.

    Also, let's talk about children in horror. I don't mind them in general, they're usually really…

  • Evil Dead

    Evil Dead


    Yup, this is still perfection.

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  • Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing


    I carried a watermelon.

  • Triangle



    My new mission here in life, is to make people aware of this amazingly good film. Triangle is way too underrated, and should be applauded for so many different reasons. The acting is, in my opinion, flawless. Everyone involved helps with making the set very believable. The film deals with stories we all have seen before, but still makes it very unique and so interesting to follow. I found myself guessing and guessing, right up until the end of it. It's a bit of a mind twister. Even the title Triangle has more than one meaning.