Screen Test: Bob Dylan

Screen Test: Bob Dylan ★★★★

dylan's a great subject for a screen test because of his lack of presence; he's a very distant, ironic person - he's given some of the strangest, worst live performances without blinking, and even his outbursts in don't look back don't feel very revealing. warhol casts his eyes, and just about only his eyes in shadow in a way i don't remember seeing before. but dylan also seems more irritable than anyone else i've seen in a screen test; he hardly stops moving, fidgeting. which to some extent takes away from their best qualities, letting you really take in a persons face, find them beautiful in an extremely specific almost hyper-real way - a sharp awareness of both their materiality, exactly what this person looks like and their surreality, how little you can tell from a persons face. dylan's leans firmly towards the latter which is in and of itself very interesting, if not quite beautiful.