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  • The Machine Gun Dragon

    The Machine Gun Dragon


    Yet another film where Bunta Sugawara's masculinity radiates excessively, this is the tale of a true lone wolf an outsider even in the world of Yakuza. Ton of action with memorable sequences, 70s soundtrack, a simple straightforward story that's a little bit off the beaten path but not too much, all these make this a top tier entertaining yakuza (kind of) film. And yea, Bunta Sugawara.

  • Samurai Spy

    Samurai Spy


    Shinoda Masahiro’s cinema will never cease to amaze, this is yet another phenomenal work from the New Wave rebel. Trying to summarize it or drawing comparisons would prove very difficult indeed, as this film crosses multiple genres. This is Metal Gear Solid the Samurai/Shinobi edition. But in cinematic terms it’s closest to a Jean-Pierre Melville film, with the political intrigue of a Costa-Gavras and the thrill of a film noire, a bit of Hitchcock, and a dose of 1960s New…

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  • Killers on Parade

    Killers on Parade


    This is by far Shinoda's most accessible work, but don't let that fool you because it doesn't lack the depth one expects from Shinoda. On the outside the film seems simplistic but that's used as a tool because this Shinoda and the writer is none other but the master surrealist rebel Shūji Terayama. The cinematography while tame compared to other Japanese New Wave films it's still very very beautiful and I as I mentioned before it's more accessible, yet Shinoda…

  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    *This is Mulholland Drive on cocaine.*
    Dropping all conventions of a normal narrative, Lynch has created a unique experience, it is a near flawless depiction of dreams within dreams within memories; Decades later we will still be dissecting and analyzing this film, not only it has an amazingly structured plot and narrative, it dives deep down into the core of the psyche and human relations to each other and to reality.
    Lynch is simply the Freud and Lacan of cinema.…