Spencer ★★★★

I'm not a royalist, infact quite the opposite, but there's something about the tragic story of Diana that tugs at the old heart strings. Spencer did just that. We see Diana at the end of her tether and in the middle of what seems to be a mental health crisis and feeling isolated. Stewart portrays her pain and joy beautifully (but I do wish we got to see more of the latter). There are some interesting surreal moments. Johnny Greenwood's score is unsettling and wonderful. Cinematography and costumes are gorgeous. Not sure how much creative license is used, it's always an issue with stories of the royals I guess. Of course, a regular bone of contention at FGFC is that a woman's story was written and directed by a man. I would have liked to have seen this through a female lense ideally. No doubt this will be up for a fair few Oscar noms, I hope Stewart gets one, she's come a long way since Bella Swan.

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