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  • Cloud Atlas
  • An Elephant Sitting Still
  • Norte, The End of History
  • So Long, My Son
  • My Mister

my masterpiece of all time

287 films

the powers, the memories, the adventure of life, the biggest experience that changes my life. here is the list for…

  • Moving
  • Norte, The End of History
  • Mekong Hotel
  • Red Post on Escher Street
  • Batch '81

29 films

  • All About Lily Chou-Chou
  • Antenna
  • An Elephant Sitting Still
  • A Bride for Rip Van Winkle
  • Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks

tragic, crisis, lost

42 films


  • An Elephant Sitting Still
  • Aparajito
  • Norte, The End of History
  • Pather Panchali
  • The Woman Who Left

depression cinema

206 films

my ultimate list of personal "feel-bad films" in addicted dramas, generally depressive, suicidal, grimdark, slice of existentialism of hopelessness a.k.a…

  • As my gaze fell upon the stormy seas, I wept ...and soon the skies followed
  • Heliography
  • Periodical Effect
  • Terikat
  • A Return

experimental, beauty and additions

241 films

some organic of avant-garde poster and pic from experimental narrative-features