Memento ★★★★

Nolan's incredibly structured narrative is what makes this film really stand out. The way the film's story is structured really immerses you into the mind of the main protagonist, who suffers from anterograde amnesia and tries to figure out who raped and killed his wife. The colored scenes go reverse, while B&W sequences are in chronological order. The twist at the end really makes this film a worth watch.

Its definitely one of his most rewarding films, once when you open this box of intriguing mystery that is covered with subtle hints and clues, you'll be intellectually satisfied. The film is also pretty tragic and sad.

I highly recommend this film, for those who haven't seen it. I never thought that the story felt convoluted, cause everything has its place in the narrative and its very well-crafted. It certainly has to be one of the best non-linear movies ever.

Will definitely watch it again, so I can fully have a grasp on this.