Good Time ★★★★★

Bro, holy fucking shit, I can't express enough how much I love this fucking movie, holy fuck. This movie makes me horny, in a sense being chased, like in a dream. Its so realistic, but so surreal at the same time. There's never a moment, where any scene feels unnecessary, or its just there to fill the time. Every scene and character has a purpose in the story. The pacing is just *chef kiss*. The movie feels like 2 minutes

I've become so obsessed with this, that I've looked up shit ton of interviews and trivias. Apparently the production team couldn't get real money in some scenes, so they had to make printed money and Robert Pattinson didn't know the money was fake, so he bought cigarette packs while in character with that fake money lmao.

Robert Pattinson's hair fell off, cause they dyed it so much.

The mall chase scene is real, some observers attempted to stop the police from chasing Robert and Benny lol.

I've annoyed everyone around me with this movie, so yeah. Just watch it please.

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