Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★

Wow Kya, also me to anyone I kiss: 
“Am I your girlfriend now?????????????”

Look I’m a bit sick and watched this last night cos I’ve read the book and have been mildly curious as to how this would turn out. 

I fell asleep at times (again, sick, but prob would have happened regardless), and nothing in me wanted or wants to go back and rewatch. Despite it being a movie, it just didn’t compare with the book’s imagery for me. What can ya do. It was, at the end of the day (which it actually was)… a big bit of a waste of time. 

My only lasting thought is, wow, I guess if I go live in a marsh my hair will also look that good and perfect all of the time?????? (She really is so beautiful though UGH.. but also good for her, just gorgeous)

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