The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

Since Francis Ford Coppola’s new cut of The Godfather Part III has been released, me and my brother thought it would be great to rewatch all of them before watching the new one. He has only seen this first one before so it’ll be fun to see what he thinks of the sequels!

This film is just perfect, it doesn’t matter how many times I see it. This is a flawless piece of art that CANNOT be remade, and I hope that we never see a Godfather remake... Michael Corleone probably has my favorite character arc of all time. We see the very complex reasons to why he in particular changes and develops so drastically the further into the story you go. His character development is flawless, really.

We see how the things that happen in your life shapes you, molds you on what sort of person you will be. And the only one controlling it, is you. Will someone like Michael give in to these feelings and this life he keeps being pulled into? In what way will he change during the course of the story? These are the sort of questions we get answered and we get the answers through an incredibly slow and meticulous build-up that leads to one of the greatest conclusions ever put to screen.

The Godfather will forever be a masterpiece and I don’t even know how many times i’ve watched it now... I envy you if you haven’t seen it yet!!

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