The Room

The Room ★★★★★

That was hilarious.

What are you talking about?! That was horrible!

What? It was a brilliant comedy scrutinizing moral declination and how unfaithfulness can ruin people's lives.

No, it was a piece of shit drama with godawful acting and a soundtrack that came out of a Nintendo 64 game from our childhood.

Okay, you're right on that last part.

I'm always right. Hey why'd you give this five stars?

Because it's a brilliant social commentary.

Surely you didn't like this more than Inherent Vice

What? No! But this completely transcended the medium for us. Wiseau is a master.

Wiseau is a dumbass. How could he think this would be remotely successful?

Well he was right, wasn't he?

In the completely opposite way, yes.

You're tearing me apart, Wesley!!

Don't be so melodramatic. I'm always right.

I guess it was pretty shitty, huh?

No dip, Sherlock. This makes Die-Ner look like Dawn of the Dead. Battle L.A. like Apocalypse Now. Fred: The Movie like The Producers.

Let's not get too carried away now. Besides, it was at least better than Manos: The Hands of Fate, right?

*shudders* We don't speak of that heresy here.

Ah, right. Let's get dinner. How does Japanese sound?

As long as Wiseau won't be there, I'm down.

Let's roll.

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