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This review may contain spoilers.

How to Get Laid: The Travis Bickle Method.

1. Find a girl. Any girl will do. Doesn't matter if she's already dating someone else or not.

2. Offer to take said girl out for a lunch date at a diner. Ask girl out for future date at said diner.

3. Take girl to a movie. Preferably the porn cinema. Chicks dig porn cinemas.

4. When she leaves, call her the next day. Repeat until you show up at her work and demand you two go out again.

5. Realize that love is futile and that all women use you for their own personal gain.

6. Find a 13 year old hooker.

7. Develop feelings for said hooker.

8. Buy a ton of guns off the black market.

9. Get buff.

10. Watch the news. A lot.

11. Realize that society as a whole is messed up and that only you can save it.

12. Get a sick Mohawk.

13. Go on a short killing spree.

14. Find the aforementioned hooker pre-coitus and murder her client.

15. Wait for the cops and pretend to shoot yourself with your hand shaped like a gun.

16. Save the hooker, get thanked by her family.

17. Meet your old fling in your taxi cab and drive her home for free.

18. Don't get laid.

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