Roma ★★★★★


I often find that Cuarón's most powerful works come from a very personal place inside of him- Roma should serve as a sensational companion piece to Y Tu Mamá También, in that both put on astounding displays of Mexican culture. Cuarón's latest, generously released by streaming giant Netflix, is a tender story of a love long lost, and the struggle to find that love again in the most unexpected places. Behind that story is a luscious black and white portrait of Mexico City, gorgeously showcasing its landscape and architecture- much like Federico Fellini's own documentary of the same name meandered around his home in Italy for stunning displays of beauty. It's a quiet and contemplative masterwork- devoid of a soundtrack, choosing instead to let the sounds of the city speak for the film. The roaring sounds of cars on a busy street, or a passing marching band, or the hustle and bustle at a city market overrun with shady street merchants- all of these and more come together to tell a story of this country that requires no words, but rather succeeds in its own visual poetry. One of the year's very best films, and one immediately available to anyone with a Netflix streaming subscription. Get on this ASAP.

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