Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★½

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a genuine love letter to classic hardboiled mystery stories of old, with a hilarious performance from Robert Downey Jr. and a slick script from director Shane Black. The narration sporadically peppered throughout the film encapsulates the crime subgenre and everything it stands for, but simultaneously turns all expectations on their side as Black goes for an all-out, fourth wall breaking narration that can only be as funny as Downey knows how to make it.

The plot follows the same basic buddy storyline that every other story of this type tends to do, but the dialogue itself is enough to keep interests high. Val Kilmer is fantastic as Gay Perry, being the sensible side of realism to Downey's comedy-driven overzealous acting style. I don't think that anyone but Downey could have played his character, to be honest. He has a fast-paced style of line delivery that is demanding of this character. I feel like RDJ is the best at being quick-witted, which is the biggest reason why his Iron Man is so popular among fans of the MCU.

Honestly, I might like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang just as much as I do The Nice Guys (I'm hoping to rewatch the latter soon to see if my previous fear that the comedy wouldn't hold up will be proven wrong). I believe that Shane Black has a style all his own that makes it almost a necessity to have seen this first to truly and fully appreciate The Nice Guys. Both films are really hilarious in their own rights, and perhaps I was a bit too quick to judge Black's latest endeavor, as it so clearly embraces all the same signature styles that can be found here. This has every bit of the crime genre that makes it my personal favorite, and when it's evenly mixed with a healthy dose of comedy and a genuinely original form of narration, it makes an incredibly hilarious and enthralling experience. I may not like Iron Man 3 all that much, but when Black stays out of the MCU, it seems that he creates some really incredible films that embody everything about my favorite type of story.

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