• The Nanny Diaries

    The Nanny Diaries


    Perhaps I really just like a thorough and intimate anthropological study.
    Maybe I really liked the somewhat hamfisted soap box moment where Scarlett Johansson yells about appreciating your child.
    Could be just seeing Chris Evans smiling.
    I dunno. It's a deceptively easy watch.

  • Outside In

    Outside In


    Soooo this isn't what I expected from Lynn Shelton and I'm going to admit my read on this might be a bit weird.

    The main tension in the movie is, who will the man, who has just spent 20 years in prison, have sex with.

    I'm just saying it!

    Will it be the mother figure who endeavoured to help release him and supported him? Or will he go for the teenage daughter who represents the youth and potential he lost?…

  • Inspector Ike

    Inspector Ike


    The most elaborate way to learn how to cook chilli I have ever seen.

  • The Party's Just Beginning

    The Party's Just Beginning


    You have to hand it to Karen Gillian. She directed a feature film and cast Lee Pace as the dude who has some casual sex with her. My girl has taste.

    Also she tackles some heavy subjects. It's decidedly unglamorous and I have to admire her gallows approach. It's messy but shows promise. I like that she went there. Wasn't an easy watch by any means though.

  • Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

    Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.


    Rachel McAdams and Benny Safdie are the cutest, bestest, most wonderful movie parents in the history of cinema.

    Fight me.

  • My Friend from the Park

    My Friend from the Park


    You have everything to learn. You're not even a mom.

    Note to the wise, the above statement is the absolute worst thing you can say to a new mum who is struggling.

    I should not have watched this movie. The protagonist has got a baby who is barely 6 months old and I too am in the same position. Granted my husband isn't filming a documentary on a volcano for some unfathomable reason.

    I don't know what this was supposed…

  • Mothering Sunday

    Mothering Sunday


    I was not prepared for this.
    Colin Firth with grey hair, slightly pudgy around the jowls, a wrinkled brow, eyes wet with tears, sorrow emanating from him.
    This movie had no right to devastate me in such a way.

    Also if you want to see tasteful nudity in a period drama then it's here courtesy of Josh O'Connor and Odessa Young. It's a lot.

  • 37 Seconds

    37 Seconds


    I'm glad it was me

    The way this movie simply shows the indignities of being disabled but still has humanity and warmth is wonderful. It's not that being disabled defines Yuma, she has many facets, but it's an inescapable reality she has to experience. It's beautiful to see her try her best to break out of the protective shell surrounding her and explore the world and herself.

  • Wish



    I didn't get why everyone was so disappointed by this one and then it ended and I realised what they were trying to do.
    This is the 100 year celebration of Disney and in the last 5 minutes it tries to really drive that home. The way it just fizzled out. I'd be experiencing second hand embarrassment if it wasn't, y'know, Disney.
    Why does the movie have so many plot holes!? There's some great ideas but there are too many and none of them pay off.
    There's no vision here, no passion, it's painfully generic.

    I liked the art style...

  • Mafia Mamma

    Mafia Mamma


    Eat. Pray. Fuck.

    Monica Bellucci straddles Toni Collette on a bed, they're outside and there's wine, and they don't have sex.

    Oh and the movie is about a dumb American (who is just too nice) inheriting the top title in an Italian mafia. It's cheesy, wish fulfillment and completely absurd.

    I didn't totally hate it. Women in their 40s deserve movies where they get a nice holiday. Adam Sandler does it all the freaking time.

  • The American Friend

    The American Friend


    Every shot in the movie is like a beautiful picture. You could frame it and put it up on the wall.
    A true Wim Wenders classic.

  • Doctor Who: The Star Beast

    Doctor Who: The Star Beast


    Just give me Ncuti Gatwa already, PLEASE!

    Took it's sweet time to get going and felt like it had to reiterate the point that Donna and The Doctor had to stay apart and then for it not to amount to much. When the big twist happened, and the villain was revealed, I kind of liked it.
    Tennant slips back into the role like a nice comfy pair of Converse and Tate gives her typical stellar performance. I love Donna and everything they did with her.
    The rest was silly and I'm okay with that.