Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★

If this had just been Val Kilmer and RDJ being detectives and learning and loving and growing then it could have been a truly masterful movie.
Instead we have RDJ with his bizarre hang ups about women idolising Michelle Monaghan as his dream girl and being completely heinous to her over and over and over... I know Shane Black wrote it, I'll blame him.

I loved how the characters are fuck ups. I love how they have heated exchanges about dictionaries and maths and they are hilarious. I really love that things go wrong and get messy. I feel like in too many movies there are always genius characters predicting things and being super badass and it's boring (Tom Cruise I'm looking at you). I love a colossal and ridiculous mess done in an entertaining masterful way. But it's Shane Black, you have to just take the good with the bad...

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