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  • Mogul Mowgli

    Mogul Mowgli

    Eerily similar to Sound of Metal on paper, but pretty different in execution.

    I liked:
    1) The angle regarding distrust of the medical system
    2) The use of hereditary/genetic illness as an analogue to generational trauma & cultural suffering.

  • The Twentieth Century

    The Twentieth Century

    This is like if Hamilton was made for me specifically, and also about Canadian history instead.

    Seriously, it's an entertaining time. The visuals and colors are startlingly inspired. It's basically like a Maddin film (down to the setting, performances, and even some of the actors) except it's less "dream-like" and the visual style is more consistent, unlike Maddin who has films that suddenly become vignetted, tinted, warped, hazy, etc.

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