Scream ★★★★★

One of my favorite films of the 90s and certainly my favorite horror film of that decade. With the help of a brilliant script by Williamson, Craven once again redefined the genre. A dying genre at that.

My only real issue with this film, and it is a minor one, is how Ghostface just appears in certain scenes as if he's watching Sidney. But that's not the actual problem, I guess it's more with the sequels that seem to have abandoned this and now, more than ever, makes it stick out. But I guess that's what truly makes this film stand apart from even the best sequels in this franchise.

I'd love to see another sequel if they could come up with a interesting theme for a 5th film since they've already done reboots/remakes. Although a true remake would actually be cool if you had a clever enough script.

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