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This review may contain spoilers.

my first time seeing a scream movie in theaters!!! i had so much fun. the location change was much needed and nyc was such a perfect place to go. this one had some really great moments like the subway scene, the bodega scene, and then of course another iconic opening scene. loved the big scene with gale and seeing kirby again. although i wasn’t super impressed with the ghostface reveal. it also felt a little too safe at times for how much they referenced that no one’s safe even the main characters but then really no one important died?? the kills they did have were pretty brutal though. and it had a letterboxd mention!! 

also on our way to the theaters i got a phone call that said “ghostface” and a new york number and i answered and it literally SAID HELLO HALEY and continued to threaten me but i found out after that apparently my friend put my name and number on the website for it to call me and yeah i was fucking shitting myself there for a minute

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