Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★

Night #12 of Hooptober IX.

Really wrestled with this one, feel like I'm generously giving it that extra half star. It's quite well shot and performed, and I found the big, brooding score amusing for it's use in numerous bright, idyllic sequences. But as that implies, the direction of the film is obvious from the moment it starts, and ultimately I just can't get into films like this where the characters are so utterly spineless and stupid that they're as complicit in their torment as their aggressors are. The conclusion is robbed of its suspense and drama because the film wants me to be more upset about it than the characters apparently are. Kudos for showing one nasty bit of violence near the end though, a lot of films would shy away, but then that's this film's whole bit I guess.

Edit: I don't usually double back like this, but I was already on the fence and after discussing the movie a few times and mostly feeling focused on the aspects of the film I didn't like, I decided to go ahead and lower my rating for this after all.

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